Our Story

Welcome to Plymouth Meeting!
Plymouth Meeting is a census-designated place, originally settled as early as 1686.  The name comes from Plymouth, Devon, England, and is named after the Plymouth meetinghouse of the Religious Society of Friends, or Quakers. The present meetinghouse dates from 1704. Our area has deep roots in both faith and history. Plymouth Meeting Evangelical Congregation Church is a part of that history. 
 Starting in 1861, missionaries from the "Methodist church" established a mission in Plymouth Meeting. They operated out of a saddle shop.  By 1870, the Methodists abandoned the work here, but a few locals did not want to yield to that decision and continued on.  After some initial struggle, they were formally organized in 1874 and both Rev. W.A. Shoemaker and J.J. High assumed the pastorate position and begin serving the congregation, which consisted of 18 "charter members."
In 1922, the congregation joins the Evangelical Congregational church.  What does this mean? (We know this can be a mouth full):
The word "Evangelical" means that we witness to the gospel of Jesus Christ as Savior of the world.  
The word "Congregational" means that the congregation manages its own affairs, owns the property, and determines the membership.
Over the years the church has gone through many seasons, and has seen 40 different pastors since 1874.  Today, Plymouth Meeting Church has entered into a new season, as the 41st pastor, Reverend Cameron Smith faithfully looks to God our Creator, and presses forward to sow the seeds of love through Jesus Christ in an ever changing culture.  We pray that the seeds of love will fall on good ground and Christ's saving grace will be greatly known in both our community and throughout the world.
An old photograph of our church building.

An old photograph of our church building.