Our Story

Our story has deep roots in both gospel-centered and people driven ministry.
We are a church plant that was first conceived back in 1846, when Methodist-based workers organized a missionary post in Lancasterville, Pa (a few miles away from Plymouth Meeting). In 1861, the mission was moved to Plymouth Meeting, where it operated out of a saddle shop.  A number of years later, the congregation was formally organized in the summer of  1874, consisting of 18 “charter members.”  The original stone building that sits on Germantown Pike began construction in 1876. Over the years, the church grew and became a light in the heart of the Plymouth Meeting.
Today, “doing and being the church” in the midst of a fast-paced changing culture is an interesting journey. Even as an organized church, we wish to offer an organic experience; something different–something more simpler and unique. Our heart is for the busy yet lonely suburbs; the brokenhearted; the burnout; for those feeling disenfranchised.
Our story continues not as the biggest or fanciest church in the area. We aren’t a “client-provider” church; as in, we can’t offer every program that’s out there. But we can offer ourselves: a community that longs for simplicity and belonging. We value relationships both with God and with each other. We’re okay with the fact that people are broken and desire freedom and refreshment from God. We believe that if we listen carefully, we can hear something deep inside express a hunger and thirst for God.
Today, the congregation is associated with the:
That’s an interesting denomination name. What does it mean?
  • The word “Evangelical” simply means we are people of the Good News.  
    • We believe the Bible to be the authoritative, inspired and infallible Word of God. We affirm that people are saved by grace through faith alone in Jesus Christ. We are compelled by this good news, and commissioned to make disciples of Jesus Christ.
  • The word “Congregational” simply means we are our own unique family.
    • We recognize that our congregation (i.e. faith family) is unique, and we own the responsibility of being a healthy body, and  we intentionally, actively and collectively pursue God’s mission.  We don’t have a “hierarchy” telling us what to do. We employ our gifts and callings to the glory of God. Though we are congregational, we are not independent. We strive for connection with other churches and use relationships and resources for the Kingdom of God. 
Over the years the church has gone through many seasons, and has seen 40 different pastors since 1874.  Today, Plymouth Meeting Church has entered into a new season, as the 41st pastor, Reverend Cameron Smith faithfully looks to God our Creator, and presses forward to sow the seeds of love through Jesus Christ in an ever changing culture. 
Our story continues with a refocus on biblical teaching, simple church structure, community, and a commitment to spiritual formation. We embrace the fact that “church” started about 2,000 years ago, and that we are one tribe of many. We recognize that there are different expressions of Christianity. We, as Plymouth Meeting Church see the early church practices found in the New Testament of the Bible as a vital spiritual resource for today. At the same time, we also exist in the unique context of the Philadelphia suburbs. We are a church that has ancient roots, a strong local context, and we are enthusiastically biblical. 
We are a church WITHIN Plymouth Meeting, Pennsylvania.
We are a church that is IN-WITH the people of Plymouth Meeting, Pennsylvania.
An old photograph of our church building.

An old photograph of our church building.