1) Join us onsite
in the PMC Worship Center
Sundays at 9:30am
2) Join us online
Sundays, 11:00am
Two Questions:
Why are we here?
In one sentence: to be the vehicle of God’s mission of extending his blessings to our community and beyond. 
Why do we gather? 
As we experience God’s redemptive love in our life, we respond with grateful rejoicing, even if we had a pretty lousy week. We believe God redeemed us out of several dimensions of brokenness, but also into a covenant relationship with Himself. And, hands down, that is worth celebrating.
We understand that visiting a church can be a little uncomfortable. We understand that everybody has different assumptions and expectations for “church.” So here’s a little breakdown on what you’ll see at Plymouth Meeting Church.
In-Person Sunday worship gathering: Our on-campus gatherings start at 9:30am. See our COVID-19 page for our guidelines.

Service length: 60-75 minutes

Dress: Come as you are. Seriously, dress up or dress down…you can be yourself here.

Worship music style: Blended. We draw from what inspires us–we incorporate Scripture, hymns, and worship tunes old and new.

Preaching style: Pastor Cam typically brings biblical messages in the form of verse-by-verse preaching, but will also mix in narrative/topical messages and other dynamic elements as well.

Bible translation: Pastor Cam typically preaches from the Christian Standard Bible, but he’ll use NIV, ESV, and others as well.

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